Goals and Objectives


To promote and uphold the health status of the citizenry through the development of health and its allied concerns.


  1. To organize the training of local professionals in health, law, and demography, on programs relevant to health promotion and oversee the implementation of such programs.
  2. To facilitate the establishment of post graduate programs in health and in relation to medico-legal and demographic issues.
  3. To initiate and conduct health system and allied, legal and demographic research relevant to the developmental needs of the society.
  4. To act as focal point and resource center for the production, exchange and promotion of health, medico-legal and the demographic learning and information materials.
  5. To provide advisory and consultancy services in matters of healthcare, medico-legal issues, and demography.
  6. To perform such other functions not inconsistent with the objects specified above as may be referred to the centre.
  7. To co-operate with other similar centres or institutions, Regional and International organizations in order to promote the objects specified in paragraphs 1, 2, 3, and 4.