About Us

CHALADDRAT was borne out of the desire to establish a connect between the university (gown) and the society (town). The disconnect that has existed between these two important segment of our polity has been thought to play a major role in the poor progress made in the development of our country. The universities are believed to be the harbinger of innovations and discoveries which should be fed to and utilized by the society. This situation is lacking in Nigeria. The proposal on Chaladdrat was developed by Prof. J.I Brian-D Adinma of the department of Obstetrics and gynaecology of Nnamdi Azikiwe University and was submitted for consideration by the Nnamdi Azikiwe university senate through a communication to the then vice chancellor of the university, Prof. B. C. Egboka, dated 20th July 2011.

The Vice chancellor gave as a condition for considering the application, the procurement of an overseas’s collaborative partner. Efforts were made towards scouting for an engagement of an oversea’s partner for collaboration. Ultimately in 2013, Professor Dilly Anumba of the university of Sheffield was identified and applied in respect of this collaboration. He was appointed a visiting professor, for the purpose of organizing Chaladdrat in 2013. The center was ultimately approved by the October 2014 senate meeting of the university following a re-application for consideration by senate made to the then new Vice chancellor, Prof. Joseph Ahaneku.

The vice chancellor/senate in approving the commencement of the center directed that it be seeded to Ekwueme center for multi-disciplinary research (ECMR), which was then being directed by Prof. J.I.B Adinma, the originator of the proposed Chaladdrat. The activities of the then chaladdrat were therefore being done along with that of ECMR. In September 2019, Chaladdrat was excised from ECMR following the reshuffling of directors by the vice chancellor, Prof. Charles Esimone who was then newly appointed and Prof. J.I.B Adinma appointed as the new director of independent CHALADDRAT.